Holi Special- How do colours enhance your interior?

The much awaited festival of colours has arrived, teaching us all the importance of these beautiful colours in our lives! Be it a day or every moment, colours have always had a significance in beautifying memories & things around us. Living into every element of this tradition that we follow since years, Saara Spaces decided […]

How to design the new age modular kitchen?

The new age residences demand the interiors to look their stylish best, at the same time wishing for them to be super comfy and convenient. Not just the bedrooms and living rooms but the prioritized area of the clients is mostly the kitchen wherein all the major actions are certainly undertaken! While women of the […]

Interior design contract

Agreement Between Interior Designers & Client

Creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment is important to many people. A well-designed space can make it a lovely place to be. However, achieving this requires a significant investment of time and money. Thus it is important to select a decent interior designer who understands your requirements. After understanding the requirements and cost estimates […]

How to pick up the right decor piece?

Decor pieces are a part of your personality and often make a statement to others. Selecting a form of art that perfectly matches your style of living and thoughts is a tough task on hand. Often it gets confusing for the designer to provide for the client’s exact needs, however a few boxes to tick […]

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