The much awaited festival of colours has arrived, teaching us all the importance of these beautiful colours in our lives! Be it a day or every moment, colours have always had a significance in beautifying memories & things around us.

Living into every element of this tradition that we follow since years, Saara Spaces decided to give it a slight twist & share with you all how colours can add an extra edge to your interior while helping you achieve that unique look!

Here are some ways colours in which colours can take the centre stage while designing your interior:

1. Colour is the language :

The best way to communicate your interior is through the language of colours. Often we advise our clients to choose the mood of the paint based on the interior of that particular space in order to get the transmission right.

2. Colour is a character :

Have you heard the phrase that light colours make the room feel larger and dark colours make the room seem cosy & small? That’s because colour changes its character based on the design element. Hence, we always say, “Choose the right shade, not the colour!”

3. Colour is a mood :

Very often the interior is balanced by selecting a neutral blend; i.e. using black, gray, black brown & white along with brighter/pastel shades. These contrasts help in creating a balanced environment and cuts the monotony of your space. We suggest to keep the living & dining rooms exciting while bedrooms & study can be a little calm!

4. Colour is an individual :

You need to take care of the emotions of all our beautiful colours. While VIBGYOR shades are considered to be welcoming, PASTELS are relaxing and serene. Thus, colours carry a personality!

5. Colours for you :

Some top suggestions from Saara Spaces to make your space extra special :

  • Purple- A rich, formal choice for your living room or dining
  • Green- A serene, fresh look for your bedroom or kitchen
  • Red- A mood breaker to create contrast or highlight

We hope that these exciting colours and their unique characteristics have cheered you up. We often ignore the small things that could actually enhance and make a mark while designing our interior.

We hope next time while you prepare your colour palette, Saara Spaces pops up on your mind!

Stay Safe & a very Happy Holi♥️

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