An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author!
We started our journey on 1st June, 2020 with an aim to add value to your living and work spaces with some amazing spatial designs and service excellence. Led by Mr. Bhupendra Chaudhari who has an expertise in the field of Interior Design & Build Industry since the last 15 years, we strive to stand strong on our values of Creativity, Integrity and Innovation.
Design, Execute and Deliver has been our motto since inception. Having a 50+ clientele we ensure control of your project at every stage along with incorporating your ideas with our professional skills. Our experience guarantees you no compromise in your desired design!

Transforming your regular spaces into the birthplace of creativity is a complex task. Selecting the right colours and functional designs for your comfort is the major concern while designing an interior. The Egyptian civilization is believed to have brought the tradition of decorating their homes with artifacts and paintings, following which the concept of Interior Designing kept on evolving over the years. The modern design has pushed the conventional boundaries of a home. From designing areas that may need electrical outputs to using bright, poppy colours to brighten up the spirit of the room; interior designing has played its part in broadening one’s horizons.

We understand how our clients visualise their dream space getting ready. Thus, your concerns are our priority. Being the One Stop Interior Solutions we make sure that we make proper notes of your requirements and references as well as enjoy your tastes and themes. The site visits or inspections, quality assurance and optimisation of cost as well as time for your project is our responsibility. From colour selections to budget reviews, we always remain on the same page with our client until we execute the entire plan for him.

New Levels of Interior and Well Designed Processes aid us in helping you move into your dream space in just 60 days. The best interiors are those in which there is no disparity between the many elements that build up a beautiful room. Optimum utilisation and superior build quality of the space can only be achieved through functional aesthetics. This becomes a part of who we are and what we stand for!

“If you think Interior Design is just about choosing fabrics and collecting colour charts, think again.”

Liz Ford

Interior Design starts with planning layouts and dividing the spaces through walls, furniture and objects and extends to the very visible coatings and materials that become the aesthetic for the eyes. Designer’s Vision and Client’s Desires together build up an amazing Interior.
We make your space look collected, not decorated.

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