Designing the living spaces with the right and most attractive aesthetics is a challenging task. Modern-day clients wish for every nook and corner to be beautiful as well as space-friendly. The key is to fulfill all these conditions but still be able to feel warm and comfortable. Selecting the right piece of furniture or designs and maximizing the layout will help you achieve it all for living room interior design services.

Here are 5 different ways you can assemble the best seating arrangement for your space:

  1. Match-box living room:

This single-wall seating arrangement gives a spacious look to your living room. Design your wall with a painting or some artwork and add some cushions or a mirror on the side to make it look even more attractive.

You can either keep the colors plain or add punch to it, as you like better!

  1. Flanked seating:

This layout helps you to add some chairs and armchairs to your living room. You can arrange the sofa at the center and other furniture surrounding it to give that airy vibe. This type of seating serves the best to make a place for a center table.

Keep the colors coordinated and symmetric to make it look lavish!

  1. Three-sided layout:

A beautiful setting for the family nights, this layout does make use of three walls for the furniture reference and the fourth one could be used for the Television. It also gives a parallel look that aids an interactive vision for everyone in the room.

Try and keep the other furnishing minimal to achieve a sober look!

  1. Adjacent Layout:

An L-shaped layout helps to achieve this beauty. This provides a spacious look to your room and makes way for standalone furniture pieces. Your sofas need not necessarily be clung to a wall and can be placed freely.

An in-house hanging swing will make it look even more fascinating!

  1. Partitioned layout:

To make the most of your space, you may opt for a partitioning layout wherein this division can be achieved by placing a sofa or a frame in between. A wall-free partition is the most stylish way of integrating your living room with the kitchen or dining- area.

Adding the greens to this type of layout provides an awesome complete look!

We hope you really enjoyed these mini-reads to design your living room space. For more such unique arrangements and designs, feel free to contact us!

Stay tuned for more such interesting reads, Happy Reading! 😄

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